Esco CBI in San Juan de Dios Educational Foundation Inc., Philippines

Apr 26, 2016

Esco CBI in San Juan de Dios Educational Foundation Inc., Philippines

The San Juan de Dios Educational Foundation Inc. (SJDEFI Hospital) is the oldest hospital in the Philippines established 1958. SJDEFI Hospital is also the first hospital in Asia to be certified in Occupational Health and Safety Standards (OHSAS 18001:2007) and the first hospital in the Philippines to receive Environment and Quality Management System (ISO 9001:2008, ISO 14001:2004) certifications. They are committed to providing quality healthcare.

Chemotherapeutic drugs are considered hazardous drugs. Workers exposed to these drugs may experience serious health effects despite having proper work practices. Appropriate training and education, use of engineering controls and personal protective covering contribute to achieving a safe workplace in handling hazardous drugs.

As part of their mission in ensuring the safety of the patients and integrity of medications, the Oncology Nursing Unit (ONU) of the hospital chose to tap Esco's newest innovation. Delivering chemotherapeutic drugs to their patients, they have recently equipped their unit with Esco Containment Barrier Isolator, a premium solution in achieving sterility as well as operator protection while handling chemotherapeutic drugs, replacing an improvised incubator.

The Esco Containment Barrier Isolator is designed to offer highest level of product, operator, and environment protection from hazardous drugs including cytotoxic drugs. It has full compliance to cGMP and PIC/s standards with its 19 mm radius coved internal corners in a single piece carcass. Its enhance filtration system provides an ISO Class 5 (Grade A) environment to ensure sterility of the products.

Finally making a decision to improve worker safety and protection, SJDEFI Hospital made an excellent choice!