Esco Group supports the Balangay Voyage to China

Apr 29, 2018

Esco Group supports the Balangay Voyage to China

The Philippine Balangay Expedition Team and its Journey to the Middle Kingdom began with a send-off on Saturday, April 28 at the Manila Yacht Club, celebrated with one of the Guests of Honor, Esco Group’s Founder and Executive Chairman, Lim Lay Yew.

Lim Lay Yew with Princess of Sulu Lim Lay Yew with the former President of the Philippines, Fidel V. Ramos
Lim Lay Yew with the Princess  Kiram of Sulu, Philippines    Lim Lay Yew with the former President of the Philippines, Fidel V. Ramos

The Team began sailing from Manila en route to Xiamen, then will travel by land to visit some of the Philippine Heritages in different provinces of China, including the Rizal Monument in Xiamen and the Tomb of Sultan Paduka Batara in Shandong; and sail back to Manila.

The Balangay Expedition Team, organized by Arturo Valdez, are originally mountaineers who conquered Mt. Everest back in 2006. Having made history once, he had his sight on achieving a different feat: sailing traditional balangay, a native boat made of wooden planks, in the hopes to remind Filipinos of their heritage as a maritime people.

The Balangay Voyage Team

In celebration of our 40th year of founding, Esco fully supported this Team of sailors. This voyage, like for the PH Balangay Expedition Team, is symbolic for us, as this rekindles the possible journey of our Founder’s parents and grandmother when they sailed from China to the Philippines, particularly in Manila. Esco’s own journey might have started back then.

The PH Balangay Team represents Esco, as we are both brave and high-spirited. Like them, Esco sailed through unknown seas at first, and eventually became experienced sailors, who now, enjoys being with the seawaters.

We are thankful that the expedition team has welcomed us to this venture. With determination and passion, this will be a great success. With the seas as our witnesses, this voyage is tomorrow’s piece of history.


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