Esco Healthcare Discusses How Pharmacy Compounding Can Benefit From Innovative Technology

Sep 27, 2016

Esco Healthcare Discusses How Pharmacy Compounding Can Benefit From Innovative Technology

Esco Healthcare, a division of Esco Group of Companies, conducted its second End User Seminar in Pharmacy Compounding last August 31, 2016, at All Season’s Hotel in Jakarta, Indonesia. This seminar is made successful in partnership with Esco Utama in Jakarta. It was attended by pharmacists from hospitals and industry, as well as pharmacy students from the university.

Topics discussed were Introduction to Pharmacy Compounding, International Standards in Pharmacy Compounding, Engineering Controls, Isolation Technology, Safe Handling of Hazardous Drugs, and Automation-centered Architecture Workflow. These topics enabled the participants to further understand the factors that may be encountered in pharmacy compounding.

Along with the presented topics, isolators and their importance in Pharmacy Compounding were also highlighted. Esco Healthcare offers various isolators that are compliant to PIC/S and EU cGMP international standards. Aseptic and Containment Isolators are highly essential in preparing sterile products and handling toxic substances to protect the personnel as well as the environment from harmful chemicals. A new product from Esco, RIVA (Robotic IV Automation System) was also introduced, delighting the delegates on how Robotics can be a big help in safe and accurate compounding of medications.

Participants while watching the RIVA (Robotic IV Automation) video presentation.

Delegates were interactive and showed interest in the concept of Innovative Technology in Pharmacy Compounding. Everyone actively participated the workshop led by Lester Sotelo and Nicole Fernandez. Participants were transparent on sharing their experiences. During the open forum, delegates shared and discussed their common dilemmas and the usual workflows in Hospital, Community and in the Industry.

Participants during the open forum.

It was indeed an event full of learning (for both speakers and delegates) and exchange of ideas gathering pharmacists from different areas. Common practices in Indonesia, as well as their insights on how pharmacy compounding will be improved were discussed.

Speakers, Organizers from ESCO Utama, and the participants of Innovative Technology in Pharmacy Compounding End-User Seminar in Jakarta, Indonesia.