General Processing Platform Isolator (GPPI)

 General Processing Platform Isolator (GPPI)
  • Fully welded SS316L internal chambers with rounded coved corners
  • Standard design incorporates cGMP and GAMP compliant features; with the inclusion of an optional chart recorder or printer the GPPI will meet the data handling requirements for 21 CFR Part 11
  • Self-contained design of control system & electric’s allow for simple, plug-in installation
  • Safe change glove system allows the changing of gloves while maintaining aseptic conditions inside of the chambers
  • Optional on-board air compressor eliminates the requirement for a site supplied compressed air connection allowing a simple electrical power plug in installation
  • Integrated Hydraulic raise / lower mechanism facilitates delivery to fit through a standard doorway and includes automated height adjusted to each individual user optimal ergonomics
  • Integrated particle monitoring connections and optional inclusion of the viable and non-viable monitoring equipment
  • Automated pressure hold test
Guide to General Platform Processing Isolator
GPPI 1.2m 2G
1.6m 3G
2.0m 4G

*Electrical requirements available as:

  • 1 – 220-240 V, AC, 50 Hz, 1Ø
  • 2 – 110-120 V, AC, 60 Hz, 1Ø
  • 3 – 220-240 V, AC, 60 Hz, 1Ø

*Internal Depth available as:

  • A. 0.61 meters
  • B. 0.72 meters 
  • Pass Chamber
  • Bio-Decontamination
    • Steris
    • Bioquell
  • Air Sampler
    • Non-Viable
    • Viable
  • Sterility Test Pump
  • Glove Tester
  • Waste Bag Grommet
  • Sterile Continuous Liner
  • Bag Welder with Table
  • RTPØ105, 190, 270, 350, 460 – Alpha, Beta Canister and Beta Liner
  • Weigh Scale
  • Spray Gun
  • Temperature and RH Monitoring
  • H2O2 Monitoring
  • Entry/Exit Ports for Product Waste
  • Entry/Exit Ports for Liquid Water
  • Integral Catalytic Convertor
  • On-board Air Compressor