Mass Screening Swab Booth™

 Mass Screening Swab Booth™

MSSB™ Design

  • Healthcare worker (HCW) booth operates under positive pressure for worker protection (+15 Pa) to environment.

  • Person under investigation (PUI) booth operates under negative pressure (-10 to -20 Pa) to environment.

  • HCW can use their preferred glove size, and as there is no gauntlet or glove sleeve, there is less worry on validation glove leak testing to identify pinhole leaks in gloves or ensuring gloves are completely disinfected.

  • Air curtain directly above glove ports provides maximum barrier to protect healthcare workers from droplet nuclei.

  • UV-C lighting for over-night sterilization of the internal booths.

    • Booths are of polycarbonate which absorbs UV-C such that they are not harmful to passersby. However, it is not recommended to constantly stare or intentionally get close to booth.

  • Integrated hand disinfection stations for individual booths of the HCW and the PUI.

  • 3 Electrical outlets in the booth are provided during outdoor usage for:

    • portable air-cooler or heater (client to procure and provide own) to ensure HCW environment is suitable for the climate

    • Digital device with Electronic Medical Record/Hospital

  • Information System

    • Label printer

    • Scanner

    • Portable cooler for storage of VTM and swabs

  • Dimensions fixed at 1.2m x 1m for both PUI and HCW Booth with total footprint of 1.2 x 2m

  • Material of construction stainless steel 304 frames with plastic polycarbonate panels.

Additional steps for decontamination if needed: BioAtom gun to manually biodecontaminate PUI booth with HCW wearing PPE to wipe down all surfaces (additional 7 mins)