Evidence Drying Cabinet

 Evidence Drying Cabinet

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    • The main body of the cabinet is constructed of industrial-grade electrogalvanized steel with mobile lockable casters.
    • Esco Isocide™ antimicrobial coated cabinet structure prevents surface contamination and inhibits bacterial growth on the cabinet’s external surface.
    • Stainless steel interior for easy cleaning.
    • Built-in warm white, electronically ballasted, 5000k lighting provides excellent illumination of the work zone and reduces operator fatigue. The reliable lighting system is zero-flicker and instant start.
    • Stainless steel collapsible wire mesh shelves.
    • Laminated Tempered Glass Door to prevent UV light exposure.
    • Stainless steel catch tank underneath  the drying cabinet with hose provision.

    Filtration System

    The enhanced filtration system on Esco Evidence Drying Cabinet is designed to provide the highest level of protection of personnel/technicians from harmful exposure to biohazards, putrid odours, and gases emanating from evidence materials.

    • Disposable and non-washable polyester fibers with 85% arrestance below the door entry and before the ULPA Filter.
    • High quality ULPA filters utilizing an improved mini-pleated separation technique to maximize surface area  improves efficiency and extends the filter life. Filters operate at a typical efficiency of  >99.999% at 0.1 to 0.3 micron sizes.
    • Carbon filtration to remove putrid odours and gases.


    Control System

    Esco Evidence Drying Cabinet is controlled by Sentinel Control System with the following features;

    • Timer for evidence drying cycle.
    • Programmable UV switch and timer which turns off automatically after a fixed period.
    • UV lifespan countdown timer.
    • Velocity and exhaust temperature display.
    • Blower Hour meter indicates how long the blower has been in operation.
    • Visual and audible alarms.
    • Two speed automatic blower setting pre-set to half speed and 100% blower speed.

    Blower System

    • Energy efficient external rotor motor design reduces operating costs and    has    extremely    low    noise    and    vibration    levels.
    • The intelligent blower system maintains airflow as the filter becomes loaded, ensuring optimum efficiency and product protection.
    • Built-in solid state variable speed controllers, with integral RFI and noise filters, are superior to conventional “step” controllers and offer infinite adjustment from zero to maximum setting.


    • During operation, room air is drawn through the door of the cabinet via a non-washable polyurethane pre-filter with  85% arrestance, trapping particulates and prevent cross contamination of the evidence materials.
    • The air is then forced inwards resulting in a unidirectional stream of air projected vertically upwards over the internal work zone by the blower system found on top of the cabinet. All airborne contaminants and putrid odours from materials inside the cabinet are pushed up towards a three stage filtration consisting of Pre-filter, ULPA, and carbon filters.
    Guide to Esco Evidence Drying Cabinet Models  
    EDHC - 4 G B - C 8  
    Model Airflow Direction Code Size (Feet) Code Door Seal Code Pump Code Cleaning Method Code Voltage Code
    EDHC / EVDC Horizontal H 4 FT 4 Gasket G None N None N 220 - 240 VAC, 50/60 Hz 8
    Vertical V 6 FT 6 IP 66 I Inbuilt B CIP C

    110 - 120 VAC, 50/60 Hz

            1 - Sold in Japan       WIP W    
                    Dual D    


    • Inbuilt  pump to drain
    • UV-C lighting
    • Clean In Place (CIP) Spray gun
    • Wash In Place (WIP) Spray ball
    • Inflatable sealed IP66 door with automated spray down.
    • Stainles steel storage box
    • Hanging evidence segregator