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  • Compact and high cell density (up to 6x107 cells/ml)
  • Foam-free, low shear stress, high oxygen transfer
  • Flexible system: combination of matrix vessels from 2L to 100L and mixing bags from 20L to 1000L
  • Single-use, autoclavable, or hybrid system
  • Linear scalability
  • Sampling ports for matrices in closed system thus avoiding contamination and lowering operator risks
  • Automated Cell harvesting system is available



TideCell-002 High Density Bioreactor

Consists of 1L, 2L or 5L Matrix Vessel

TideCell-010 High Density Bioreactor

Consists of 10L Matrix Vessel

TideCell-020 High Density Bioreactor

Consists of 20L Matrix Vessel

TideCell-100 High Density Bioreactor

Consists of 100L Matrix Vessel



TideCell® Cell Harvesting System

Used for closed and automated harvesting of viable cells from 2L and 20L TideCell® matrix vessels. It applies the conventional cell harvest concept with the use of enzymatic treatment for the detachment of cell from the matrices

  • Harvest up to 1011 cells within 1 to 3 hours of operation
  • Compatible with 2L and 20L TideCell® matrix vessels
  • 6 peristaltic pumps for reagent input and output

BioProcess Container

Customized single-use bioprocessing bags and containers suitable for the entire bioprocess, starting from upstream all the way to downstream


  • 0.5L to 2500L
  • Meets FDA cGMP Guidelines
  • Full document support

TideCell® Mixing System


  • Bearing-less magnetic pump that allows                the propeller to                float in the middle of the pump head without any wearing during pumping
  • Quick media or liquid heating and mixing. Heating of 500L from room temperature to 37°C takes only     3 to 4 hours. Mixing in 500L takes only 2 minutes to reach homogeneity.

TideCell® SCADA System

Simultaneously monitors multi-systems                and collects data during operation


  • Monitor the status of operation                of up to 16 units simultaneously, anywhere, anytime
  • Can be used off-line and on-line, and is compatible with portable tablet systems  such as iPad
  • Alarm notice will be sent to users through Skype, e-mail,  or other assigned communication systems

Feed Auto Switch System

Allows continuous nutrient supply without interruption.               It controls two feeding      tanks simultaneously; during feeding, it switches the feeding line from the first tank to the second once the first tank is empty. The alarm light will switch on when one feeding tank has been depleted and will buzz once both feeding tanks are empty.