White Papers

Air Cleanliness Test on CO2 Incubator Author: Dian Susanti and Alexander Atmadi

Esco CO2 incubators are equipped with the SteriSafe™ ULPA filtration system to maintain a contaminant-free chamber. This study investigates the efficiency of the SteriSafe™ ULPA filtration system in achieving ISO Class 5 inside the chamber.



Antimicrobial effectiveness evaluation of Isocide™ powder coating versus stainless steel plate Author: Dian Susanti and Alexander Atmadi

ISOCIDE™ powder coating is one mechanism that aims to control the growth of contaminants. Another method is the use of stainless steel has long been used as a material for laboratory tools and equipment. This paper evaluates the antimicrobial effectiveness of ISOCIDE™ versus that of stainless steel.



Decontamination Effectiveness of Esco CelSafe® CO2 Incubator Sterilization Feature using High Heat Temperature Author: Bekti Tri Sumaryati

The effectiveness of the 200°C high heat sterilization cycle of the Esco CelSafe® was observed in this study, particular focusing on its ability to reduce the population of vegetative cells and spores of bacteria and fungi.



Effectiveness of ULPA Filter on Removing Air Contaminants on CO2 Incubator Chamber Author: Dian Susanti

Microbial contamination, brought about by bacteria, viruses, yeast, and other microorganisms, poses a major dilemma in cell culture. One of the anticontamination schemes employed in CO2 incubators is the reduction of contamination in the air by using filters. This paper presents the performance of the ULPA filter in removing air contaminants in a CO2 incubator chamber.



Performance Evaluation on Esco CO2 Incubator with Suppressed O2 in Low Ambient Temperature Author: Rosi Destiani and Dian Susanti

This paper presents the data gathered from the evaluation of the performance of the Esco CO2 incubator with suppressed O2 capability in low ambient temperature. This study also provides evidence that this Esco CO2 incubator will not have condensation at such temperature.



Performance Evaluation on of ESCO “Tri Gas” CelCulture® Incubator Author: Dian Susanti and Rosi Destiani

Various scientific applications require the addition of nitrogen to the CO2 incubator to control oxygen levels. CO2 incubators with such capability are known as tri-gas incubators. This study evaluates the performance of the CelCulture® as a tri-gas incubator.


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